Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Peeling Groovy

So as promised I have come up with my first product review. This is one of my dessert island products.

This is a great little product. It’s a bit expensive but it does work. I would suggest asking the girls on the Bliss counter in BT’s for a sample first and they are happy to do this. Just to do a patch test.

This is a face peel in a bottle, liquid microdermabrasion. This is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, it tightens pores and lightens age spots. It mildly exfoliates the skin while resurfacing it.

So how do you use it. Well you just put in on evenly before you go to bed under your normal skin care. Hey Presto you wake up with lovely skin.

Now as this does have acid in it and it is friendly skin lovin acid you will need to wear a moisturiser with an SPF the next day.

This is a great product and I promise you will see huge differences in a couple of days.

Remember to do a patch test with all new products before using them.

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