Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The most important thing in my kit are my brushes with out them I’d be lost. They are what give the finish you are looking for.

Now there are lots of brushes out there. I have lots of them and I use them all for different things and I no doubt will continue to buy them through out my career.

If you are starting off or if you just need a really simple brush set then I will let you in on a couple of little secrets.

Crown Brushes - This company as far as I can tell make brushes for all the big companies such as MAC etc. I have heard of places charging €190 for the badger brush get and you can get it for a fraction of that from this site. The brushes are good however some of them in a set may leave you wondering what on earth are they for.

Crown brushes is a great company even if you are just looking to get your first set. I would recommend the Badger set to anyone. It has everything you need. However in saying that you can pick and choose what brushes you like.


This is a lovely kit with everything that you could need, the only fault I can find with this company is that their foundation brushes are not great. I have also not tried any other products that they have so I can’t comment on them at all.


AOFM Brush Set - AOFM is a make up agency and academy in London. The pro brush set they have put together is AMAZING …. No really!!

24 usable brushes and a brush belt for £98 (exluding p&p). I love this set. If you are a pro make up artist you will use this set if you are someone who likes pretty things trust me you will also love this set.


They also have a book on this site too which is a must have for any Pro MUA.

Louise Young - These are amazing brushes a little bit pricey but you get what you pay for with these. I especially love the large foundation brush. No muss no fuss just a great product.

I’m saving the best til last here.

Hakuhodo Brushes are all handmade in Japan they are all so beautiful in saying that though these are extremely expensive for makeup brushes. I can only see Pro MUA’s buying these .

The way these brushes are shaped and designed will give a totally different finish than any other brush in my opinion these are probably some of the best out there on the market.

I am really looking forward to seeing the full collection in IMATS this November.


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