Monday, October 11, 2010

Illamasqua ...... again :)

Another quick one about Illamasqua - I had my make up done by Mika of Illamasqua on Saturday. Mika is one of the head make up artists having designed the dystopia range last year.

Firstly he knew my name when I approached the counter. He was kind, funny and polite during my appointment. He spend about an hour with me and even though it was a little more expensive it was so worth it and secondly I got 3 products back and eyelashes for what I paid. I’m a bit of stickler for customer service and getting what you pay for and I was not disappointed at all.

I have always been impressed by the Illamasqua staff, they are very approachable and so helpful. I haven’t had this same kind of experience with other high end make up counters. I was lucky enough to meet Alex Box earlier this year you can see that her passion for her brand and what it delivers shines through into the rest of the team.

My favourite in BT2 is normally Jenny who is wonderful and has amazing skills.

I would recommend having your face done here as it’s all redeemable against products and only costs €25

I totally forgot to take a picture - :(

Art of Darkness - Illamasqua

Gosh I haven’t done this in a while.

Illamasqua have recently launched their Autumn/Winter collection “ Art of Darkness”. All I can say is every product in this range is amazing. I am a huge fan of Illamasqua and all of their products but this one has blown me away.

The colours are so rich and yet the products are so versatile. I have bought almost all of the range as I don’t wear nail polish and I have had a good play with them all. There is something so evocative about this range. In my opinion this is the bravest range so far.

The pigments are amazing they are so packed with sparkle and colour (however this is true of all of Illamasqua’s pigments).

I love love love the new colourful Liquid Metals and adore the new palette. These products are again very versatile. They can and should be used everywhere and should be seen more as a medium range than a specific item of make up. Three of these can be bought separately too.

I also got the Precision Ink in Alchemy which is the most amazing eye liner I own. It’s pure gold so bright and wonderful to use. I have been waiting a long time for a liquid liner from Illamasqua and I’m sure many Illaminions have - they haven’t disappointed.

Another new product to be launched in this range is the Powdered Metal in Ether, I can’t say enough about this all over powder which leaves a fabulous gold sheen on your skin. I love building this with a couple of applications over the arms and collar bone area.

However my favourite products are the Lipstick and Lip gloss. The lipstick is an amazing deep navy colour with a matt finish and can be layered with the blue liquid metal or the fab blue pigment in this range.

This lipgloss looks like patent cherry leather. It’s simply just amazing.

The marketing and packaging is just amazing, it’s so wonderfully dark, edgy and sexy.

Go and have a root around in BT2 on Grafton Street.