Monday, October 15, 2012

Sometimes Curves Need a Little Love

I have been thinking about doing this blog for a long time. I hope it helps some people and doesn’t offend others. I would consider myself a big girl. I have put a lot of weight on over the last couple of years. Mostly due to illness however I have now decided to take my body back and whip myself back into shape.

One thing there is a huge lack of online is how to look after your skin when you’re a big girl how do you protect it when you lose weight. How do you make sure you don’t damage it when you put on weight and how do you stop it from looking dull. Here are some hints and tips that I have picked up over the last little while and what products have really helped me.

So I have put on about 3 stone in 2 years. My body has changed in ways I really wished it hadn’t. My skin needs so much more care and attention that it did 2 years ago!

For my face I used a really good serum every day, I use a moisturiser with sun factor and use a throat gel. I used Estee Lauder Products which I love and Gatineau throat gel which is amazing however what every product you use and are comfortable with will work for you. I will say you will need to use these every day or twice a day what you are trying to do is keep your skin firm. Anything with collagen and vitamin E is great.

I used a massage sponge to wash along with a dry body brush. Either of these products is great for getting your circulation and getting rid of tired dead skin! I don’t use anything terribly expensive only dove however I do use Bio Oil every day before I get out of the shower. I have noticed a huge changed in my skin it positively glows. If Bio Oil doesn’t suit there are many other similar products on the market. What is important is to keep the skin supple and stop stretch marks before they start. I like Bio Oil as it doesn’t stay greasy once you towel dry. It treats stretch marks and scars as well as prevents them, it balances skin tones and it smells lovely too! Like with any of the above you need to do this step every day. I promise after a couple of weeks you’ll see big changes. I treat my hair daily to Argan Oil and get my hair cut regularly. There is no point in looking after all of you and leaving your hair out. Plus if you’re a little depressed about your weight (and I have been there) having good hair is a start!

One of the biggest challenges has to be boobs! They normally get fecked with this kind of weight gain and loss. I have been using palmers bust cream and it is fab! It’s a bit claggy putting it on but then it dry fine. If you notice that your chest has started to crepe then I would recommend a night time bra. They look interesting but they do work or so I’m told for me I just use a crazy amount of cream and bio oil! However the biggest help is a good bra, the best place for service is Bravissimo! Irish girlies if you get a chance to visit one please do!

Other things that really help my skin are cutting down on coffee, which causes cellulite, drinking plenty of water and really cutting down on the auld vino! I also take supplements for my skin along with vitamins too! All of these have stopped my skin from sagging or wrinkles setting in. I try not to eat anything with tonnes of sugar in like cereal or too many sweeties! I try to rest and sleep well and some exercise never goes amiss!

I have decided to lose some of this weight however not too much as I like to fill a pencil skirt and you can’t do that if you’re toast rack! However big girls and little girls, our body’s do need some love! I will keep you up to date with how I’m getting on but for now I just wanted to impart a little of my hard earned knowledge of being a big girl and how I look after my skin! Hopefully it will give someone some confidence to do the same!

Bliss Spa - does what it says on the tin!

Hi there,

After saying I was going to do a blog on hygiene which wasn’t a very nice story I decided to do a quick review on a great company I visited on Friday.

I was booked into Bliss Spa in London to have a pedicure. When I arrived they had messed up my treatment. So to make it up to me they ushered me into another treatment room to have a facial an expensive one that at. So I had the Oxygen Blast facial which was quick but wow my skin feels great.

And when I checked my mails this morning there was a mail from the manager checking me in for another pedicure all of the above was free of charge. This to me is great customer service. Any time I have dealt with Bliss in the past it has been really consistent.

I have done a blog before on Bliss products and I can’t really add it them only to say I still love them if not just a little bit more now. check them out – yes they are pricey but they do work wonders! Also they have great deals around Christmas!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fresh Start

So after too long not doing this I have decided to take up blogging again.  My first blog tomorrow will deal with the problem of hygiene and what i've seen in pro stores recently!

Till them! :) x