Monday, October 15, 2012

Bliss Spa - does what it says on the tin!

Hi there,

After saying I was going to do a blog on hygiene which wasn’t a very nice story I decided to do a quick review on a great company I visited on Friday.

I was booked into Bliss Spa in London to have a pedicure. When I arrived they had messed up my treatment. So to make it up to me they ushered me into another treatment room to have a facial an expensive one that at. So I had the Oxygen Blast facial which was quick but wow my skin feels great.

And when I checked my mails this morning there was a mail from the manager checking me in for another pedicure all of the above was free of charge. This to me is great customer service. Any time I have dealt with Bliss in the past it has been really consistent.

I have done a blog before on Bliss products and I can’t really add it them only to say I still love them if not just a little bit more now. check them out – yes they are pricey but they do work wonders! Also they have great deals around Christmas!

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